Reply To: 2019 RockShox Reba RL – damper upgrade/hack


I’m giving up on the Rockshow Reba. The Motion Control damper is too unreliable for me. Over the past 5 months, I’ve spent 90% of the time with a non-functionning lock-out, and a changing level of compression damping.

My understanding is that the blue-anodised release valve on the compression damper has so much play that it rarely seats properly against the damper body.

After test-riding a bike with a Fox 32 fork, I’m not convinced either. The spring and damper felt much better than on the Reba, but I was massively disapointed by the super-flexy chassis.

So, I’ve decided to upgrade my bike to a rigid fork. I’m therfore looking for a rigid fork: approx. 480mm axle to crown, 51mm offset, 110mm boost spacing, aluminium or carbon, ideally compatible with 200mm rotors, clearance for 700x55c tyres, and the whole thing for a reasonable price, of course?

A article lists quite a few options (, but nother under USD 500… I’m looking for a more cost-effective option. I’m happy to go with an aluminium fork. I’ll save close to a kilogram compared to the Reba RL, so I’m not to fussed about 50 or 100 additional grams of an Al-alloy fork.

Any recommendation?