Reply To: best bike watches?


I am using the Lezyne Micro C watch.  When I’m riding, I have it mounted on the handlebars so I can see it, and use the buttons, easily.  I have found the GPS to be very accurate, and it has never dropped/skipped the signal or given me any funky readings.  I use it with the matching heart rate monitor, which also works very well.

I primarily use it for cycling, as that is what I want to track data for.  I am not a runner, so I cannot speak to that feature.  I have used the hiking feature, and it works just as well as the cycling.  The lifestyle feature is just your basic step/activity counter, without the HR monitor.  I don’t use that much.

For cycling, it is excellent.  And I haven’t even used all the features, like cadence/power/etc.