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Once left my bike after a ride. Just leaned it up on the fence near the trailhead, cleaned up, dressed and just drove off in blissful blinders. After 30 minutes absolute panic, rush back to trailhead to find NO bike. Some a-hole took it. Huge sigh. (And blue streak). What do you do?


Got a new rig a few weeks later but let’s face it, I’m suffering with latent emotional scarring but hey being the trail helps 🙂


Another time, packed up the whole kit, beautiful weather, time was good, trail was sweet, bike was in fine shape. Arrived at trailhead to realize my front wheel was back home! (Mmm how far could I wheelie?)


I figure the stuff we (read “me”) forget, lose, blank out over is part of the therapeutic process of biking. We all juggle so much inside our heads and outside. Simply getting out can be such a battle and losing some things here and there shows how much we carry and how much we should carry.


See you out there, well, at least at trailhead looking wistful.