Reply To: Newbie heading to W NC area


Jody, I hired the guides at the Bike Farm for my first trip to the area, and rode in DuPont.  The Bike Farm is limited in where they can guide due to their permit restrictions, but they can still take you on some nice trails.  They are kinda expensive…I think it was right at $300 for me for the day, and that was riding my own bike.  They also have a fleet of rentals, which I think is now Yeti…they were using Santa Cruz.  You can also camp at the Bike Farm, but bare in mind that it is very primitive camping.  It’s not like camping at Davidson River Campground in Brevard where you have access to nice restroom’s.  There are other guides in the area too, and I think some are more affordable than the Bike Farm.  Regardless of who you chose to guide you, for a first timer, you can’t go wrong with hiring someone that knows the trails.