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I ran a Cushcore insert for my rear wheel for nine months and Huck Norris for nearly a year. I am 220 lb with gear and these were used on custom built (burly) carbon 29er wheels for my Evil Wreckoning. I also run the HN’s on my single speed which has Flow Mk 3 rims. Tires on both bikes are Maxxis DHF/DHR 2.5 & 2.3 respectively.

First Cushcore. It does what they say it does…more damped ride feel, rim protection, flat prevention. However, this comes at a cost. First, even though I am no ballerina I could definitely notice the increased rolling weight. Second while they do prevent flats/rim damage if you do flat (sidewall tear, valve failure) you are in for a bad time on the trail.  The fastest I ever got one inserted was 20 minutes in a shop with a second person’s assistance. Yes, there are many tips/tricks out there to ease the process, but it is not easy. As far as the improved suspension/damping it was never enough to blow me away and not worth the trade offs. I’d recommend them if you ride in an extremely rocky area ala the Southwest or are racing Enduro/DH at the elite level or up. Otherwise you have to decide if the benefits are worth it.

Huck Norris. They are easy to set up (same as any tubeless set up), do not add any noticeable weight,  prevent flats/provide rim protection and are inexpensive. No added suspension damping, but as noted above this benefit was negligible IMHO. HNs are my go to now and I have zero flats/rim damage. I run 24/26 PSI front/rear which considering my weight and my anger bear riding style is impressive.