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Comparing the use of e-bikes, which is legal and as far as I can see has only health benefits for older people, to the use of anabolic steroids, which are illegal with many potential side effects, is a real stretch.

Well, I guess that is where you and I differ. I think, in this specific instance, it’s a fair comparison…..annnnd your reaction is about what I expected. BTW Steroids, like e-bikes, are only illegal if used, well, illegally. 😉   Physicians can prescribe them.

But, you don’t like steroids, I get it (ethically, neither do I) so let’s change our tack somewhat.

You seem to be caught up in a belief that these older folks have no alternatives. I don’t buy that….at all. We are talking about mountain biking, yes? It is a recreational and, by definition, optional, activity, is it not? There are plenty of other recreational/optional activities; heck there are even plenty of options to pursue in enjoying the activity under discussion (different types of trails, length of ride, pace, etc, etc, etc), and most of those options don’t require a motor.

My fundamental concern is that you are motorizing a non-motorized activity. It has nothing to do with being “hard-core” or masochistic or sadistic. I see parents with their toddlers on Striders on the green trails where I ride. Now that is -EXTREMELY- cool. I’m certain that the other “hard-core” riders I know think the same thing. None of us expect them to ride the red or black diamond trails, or to make a 20mile ride. None of us expect them to keep pace with us, why would they? Soooooooo, if a three-year-old can manage a green trail on a non-motorized bike and be happy ……why can’t the rest of us?