Reply To: How do you feel about litter on the trail?


It pisses me off to no end. You packed it in so you can damn well pack it out. I live in Eastern Tennessee and it seems like the people around here have zero regard for the environment around them; I see garbage on trails everywhere, from trailheads all the way out to the middle of nowhere, deep in the forest. It’s lazy and there’s no excuse for it. I try and pick stuff up when I’ve got room in my pack, but I don’t always have enough empty space to pick up much.

Most trail users are grown adults, or certainly old enough to know better. This isn’t a fairy tale, you don’t have to leave a trail of crap to lead yourself out of the forest, so stop leaving your trash for someone else to pick up. Be responsible for your own stuff, since mommy isn’t here to clean up after you.

Sorry for the rant, but this stuff really gets under my skin. It’s disgusting.