Reply To: Recovery time for bruised rib (costochondritis)


I crashed and broke 2, maybe 3 ribs back on Sept 28th, 2018.  It was 6 weeks before the stabbing pain of the fractures moving went away, even longer before sneezing wasn’t traumatic.  It’s been 4 months now and I still have pain if I stretch/arch backwards too far (broke my left ribs, right in the front).  I have ridden once, and fell (managed to roll that time), but didn’t suffer much more than dull pain/achy from hard breathing.  Winter is upon us with a vengeance, so I’m not riding for awhile.

Twice in the past I have dislocated a rib, separating them at the cartilage.  A right rib in the front, and a left rib in the back.  The right one was from full-contact, no gear football on the beach.  It took years before it “stuck” back in place.  Hiccups were the worst, as was stretching.  I still occasionally feel a twinge from it, 19 years later.  The left one was from using a giant pry bar to try and move a cement parking block back into position.  Was pushing upwards and it just popped.  After a few weeks it rarely hurt at all, other than when my chiropractor would attempt to adjust my back right next too it.  Has taken a few years for it to stick back and not be bothered by adjustments, although I do feel resistance in it at the time.

When I had mine x-rayed, they could not confirm that I had broken them, told me that unless the ribs are displaced, it’s less than 50% of the time that the breaks are actually visible.  Going by symptoms, and that I could pinpoint the spot where the stabbing pain was, along with rib movement, they were diagnosed as broken.

Good luck with sleeping and such!