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After looking at both of them I’d suggest the Nukeproof. The spec on both of them is nearly identical, so what it comes down to is geometry. They’re also very similar there, but the head tube angle on the Nukeproof is slacker by a degree at 65, compared to the 66 degrees of the Vitus. This brings the bike very close to the geometry of mine, (2017 Orange Crush) and will help keep the bike stable on steeper and higher speed trails. This is also important because of the fact that there is no rear suspension sag when you sit on the bike, so the front will sag a little making your effective head tube angle a little steeper. Another thing to consider is the forks. I think that the charger damper in the fork on the Nukeproof is a slight upgrade from the motion control damper that the Vitus has, but this is probably a very minor upgrade.

Also I think the Nukeproof looks cooler, so there’s that.