Reply To: Shreditation: Mountain biking and mental health


I will get back out there, I just have to make sure that I don’t cause any further injury.  Shoulders are not to be messed with.

In the meantime I am still playing volleyball.  I missed three weeks of playing, and then played through the pain after that.  If I stretch too far I’ll still get a sharp pain from my ribs.  I hurt my left shoulder, so I don’t do too much with it within a game that hurts.  Bumping, volleying, etc doesn’t hurt.  Left handed spiking definitely hurts, but I typically spike right handed.

I plan to go skiing when the weather allows.  Other than ‘skating’ on flat ground, I won’t need my shoulder too much.

Here in Canada we’re in the messy part of early winter, lots and lots of rain and cold weather.  Biking conditions are not wonderful as it is.