Reply To: Your best crash story


It was only supposed to be a light rain.  It was not.  And it was early.

No big deal, I don’t mind getting wet.

Trail was getting slick in the open areas, but still rideable.  Last couple of kilometers to go, one nice downhill left.  My favourite downhill.  Definitely took it too fast, rear tire hit something that sent it to the right.  Front tire went left.  I went left.  Landed with my left arm extended, fortunately my hand slid in the wet grass.  Knees/legs are well skinned.  Shoulder hurts, but moves.  Major pain from left ribs.

Now I am sitting in emerge, soaking wet and freezing cold, hoping x-rays show nothing major.

Rode the rest of the way out.  Handle bar is crooked, something sounds crunchy, but that could be all the mud packed in everything.

Time for chest x-rays….