Reply To: Cheap or Novel or not worth the hassle


Moondog Cruiser.  I believe the brand name was kuno.  Bought it at walmart for 80bucks.  26in whitewall tires, big seat with springs, and fenders, big beautiful fenders.  7 speed. Decent little cruiser, as long as you kept it on the pavement and didnt try any tricks.  Rode 2.5 miles one way to work, downhill. Then shift her into granny gear and switchback the city blocks back home.  Honestly, that bike was one of the best purchases I ever made.  Yea, i still had my rockhopper for when i really wanted to ride, but that cruiser was always needing some tuning.  I learned more keeping that bike riding smooth than from any other bike ive ever owned.  Put alot of miles, and even more smiles on that bike.  Given the chance, id do it all over again.