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Aww. The Trek 4300 with Rockshox Jett fork. Was so excited about it took it up to Whistler in 2000. Wore thru the v-brake pads and had a blast – no jumps, just fun through the trails off the lift. Should’ve seen the natives’ look at me. The love of riding outweighs the snobbery and elitism and common sense. The 4300 met a sad end with the chain side chain stay separating from the bottom bracket while climbing. Ugh, we had just started our ride too.

Since then . . .
Trek 8500 – actually didn’t break frame but Goodwilled it before that happened
3 GT -Idrives – they were a lot of fun
3 Foes Flys – they were fun but a little pricey
Soma Juice 29’r – sweet hardtail but frame cracked too
2md Soma Juice – she’s gonna last a few more (ahh but when will the bad news come?)

Cheers and see you on the trails.