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Thank you so much for the replies so far guys, much appreciated!

Mike, thanks for suggestion, but short travel XC style bike is no go. I have a HT at the moment as well as borrowed   basic full suspension bike without hydraulic disc brakes with coil suspension and I am very much underbiked for the terrain I am and I intend to ride.

I was thinking more towards the trail bikes. I really like YT Jeffsy 29 since I am a big boy(I need large frame with 29 wheels since I am 183 cm – 6’0) and al version with that black and teal colour finish looks so sick. Unfortunately Canyon Spectral comes in 27.5 wheels but it also looks so sick in stealth black colour. Capra 29 has 160 mm susspension but I find a bit bummer because flip chip doesen’t make such a big difference in geometry. Canyon strife on other side looks also so amazing in enduro racing team or in that bright lime yellow colour and its shapeshifter technology looks solid since it switches HTA from 66 to 67.5 wich is 0.5° more than Jeffsy and the rear susspension goes from 160mm to 130mm. Also weight is no issue for the bikle as I am used to pedal my current bikes that are quite heavy(mya HT ias 13.5 kg, my full suspension has 16.5 kg) and I have no problem pedalling them uphil for few km on gradient greater than 10%. Even to get back from the valley to my home on the mountain you climb 300m and the gradient is about 15% for 2.5 km.