Reply To: Mountain biking in Europe


I come from <Slovenia, a small country and mountain biking is farely new thing here but the whole country is just pure nature, with 65% of the country being forests and we have a lot of mountains, especially the Julian Alps and Karavanken mountain range to Karst and seaside region to Panonic plains. We have quite some bike parks like Kranjska Gora, Krvavec, Vogel, Rogla, Maribor Pohorje, Cerkno etc and really endless natural trails in the countryside, you just have to ride outside the cities and towns for mere minutes. Personally I never go to bikeparks, I enjoy too much in the countryside wich is the most of the country. We even have slovenian bike trail wich extend all over the country total lengh of  1900 km, devided into 41 shorter one day trails and you can still take side tracks and go to the other mountains that aren’t on this trail plan. Just pure nature! 🙂