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Hey guys, new one here on forums. I’ve been riding on 2nd May on my local trails and one moment I was riding very steep and very loose terrain(compackt dirt with very sharp loose rocks/stones over it). Wanted to slow down but the brakes didn’t do shit and when the brakes grabbed the track my last wheel got blocked completely and went sideway. I’ve flew over rear tyre diagonaly so I didn’t hit bike frame or handlebars, tried to catch myself but i hit my knee very hard, and my shoulder very badly, fractured my upper arm on two           places but luckly nothing broke  or moved apart. My upper arm and ellbow are still bruised and hurt but my knee is healed completely, I am wearing a brace for my shoulder now. I came with speed of 24 kmh(15mph), the speed and impact was so great that my helmet was literally torn off my head. The strap unpinned next to the chin pin. The head was hit by the helmet, but I didn’t hit head or helmet on the ground, helmet has only scratch on the visor because it tumbled on ground afterwards. I layed on my back for few minutes before I stood up, grabbed my helmet, put it on handlebars, grabbed my bike, wich othervise undamaged) with my left arm, if I only touched bike with my right arm it started to hurt even more. I needed about 20 or more minutes to get back home(I was 500m away from my homne) and then my family member took me to hospital and now I have to wear brace until next week when I have check up. This is my first fracture in my whole life. Been riding bmx since 8 years old, road bike, hardtail and now fs.