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You likely know this but on the preventative side: Maxxis Minions DHR and/or DHF (I’ve used both) with the Exo protection are simply hard to beat. I’ve put about 3k on my rear tire from Pacific NW roots and rocks to Prescott and Sedona. I replaced after about year when sidewall showed abrasive wear (slanted fatigue lines and a few threads showing) HOWEVER the sidewall never failed. I’m heavy at about 250lbs and ride over everything on my hardtail 29er. I run low pressure (10-25lbs depending on trail). My front tire is showing cracks in rubber but is still running strong (no bulges, or significant abrasions). Front tire has about 4.5k on it. I’ve got a new Maxxis for it but will replace when time comes.

It seems these heavier tires have significantly stronger sidewalls which equals crazy performance and longevity

Anyway, over all this dangerous terrain the Maxxis are simply insanely strong and dependable and I hope you and my fellow MTB brothers can benefit from my hard-won advice on keeping the rubber rolling.