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Hey Jeff,

When I designed the “Fork Up” back in 1996 for my company at the time, Hurricane Components, there were not any other options for carrying a thru axle fork. There would be those people whom had a $1000 roof rack that would dismantle their bikes and put them in the trunk or back seat. Even then, the Fork Up was not a “hassle” to mount your bike on, what 30 seconds to a minute? So even now, there are easier ways to mount your bike, but I’m betting they are not as secure. The Fork Up is private labeled by both Thule and Yakima as well as Hurricane.

As for bike racks, my new project, MultiTaskR truck bike rack, , we make a rack that addresses ┬áthe problems that the awful tailgate pad creates, such as shuttle wear on your bikes down tube, which can and will create a stress riser in the frame that can lead to un warranted frame failure or the scratching cause by the constant rubbing on your tail gate. The MultiTaskR truck bed rack by Exodux also has a locking feature, has mounts for all your other hobbies and doesn’t block your back up camera.