Reply To: Full Suspension Advice ($2,500)



I’m not sure if you bought a bike yet, but if you haven’t, I have to say if you want to up the amount you want to spend by a bit and not have to upgrade your bike in any way for quite a while, I think I have the solution for you 🙂

I’m not sure if you ride a hardtail right now, but going from a hardtail to a full suspension is a night and day difference. No matter what other people say, you don’t know until you’ve tried one yourself and you can attest to it. There is so much difference in both the climbing and descents when you have the rear suspension to keep that back wheel planted on the ground while climbing as well as to absorb the impacts on the downhill.

I have a custom Diamondback 5C for sale right now that would fit the bill. This is a custom version of Diamondback’s highest end model bike (similar to say the trance 1 advanced or trance o, I’m not sure what giant uses anymore). It’s a full suspension, carbon 27.5er with a 150mm fork and a 130mm shock that are the highest spec for Rockshox, so it is quite a trail weapon. You can use it for cross country all the way to taking it out to MOAB and shredding everything in between. It’s not a single pivot design, but level link, similar to Santa Cruz’s VPP which means you get very little pedal bob. I’m not hating on Giant, but there is a lot tied up in profit for Giant ie: you are paying more money for the name and not getting the best components. With Diamondback, they are really giving you the best bang for your buck.

I’m asking $2999 plus shipping for my bike and I just want to say that you should do your research before pulling the trigger on a FS bike! Go to your local bike store that sells Giant/ Norco/ etc. and try one of each model out (anthem, trance, reign, etc.) in this pricepoint ($2500-$3000) and see for yourself how much you will be paying and what you will get and compare it to my release 5C and you will be amazed the value you are getting for the price. You won’t know exactly what you’re getting component wise- but I tried this out before I bought. I went to my local bike shop and test rode multiple models of their Giant bikes to compare to my diamondback and the only thing they have on the diamondback is that they felt a little bit lighter. With the diamondback, you’re getting much better all around components as well as a carbon fiber frame, which in itself is a huge upgrade. If you’re serious into mountain biking, you’ll be thankful to get the best thing you can for your money so you don’t have the urge to upgrade your bike early on.

Spend some time on this and let me know as I’m eager to help a fellow rider out as well as get this bike off my hands for another build 😛

P.S. Here’s my pinkbike listing if you want to check it out. I have it listed currently:

The bike is all set up and ready to ride for the season, so think about it and let me know! Thanks bro 😀