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The previous time was a master link this time was a standard link. The missing link, I blame on myself. I keep  the herd  at close to or better than new condtion and admit I am sometimes guilty of reusing the master link when cleaning the chain. The only way I can explain the most recent failure is, bad luck or pilot error by cranking mid shift (not sure).

I suspect chain failure is slightly more common on 2×10 and 3×10 systems. It must be me, I also have a chain drop problem on a fatty. 2×10 with a brand new chain, If I am cranking on soft sand or up a steep hill, I swear the frame flexes so much the chain drops. (is that even possible?). Anyhow, the fatty is becoming a single speed or a 1×10 and I just put a new sram chain on my main ride.

I feel there are a lot of days I could get away with a 3 speed hub. I need a gear to go UP, I need a gear to go DOWN and I need a gear to get to the trail. Probalby works a lot better in my head then in actual use. It looks as if we are headed to an automatic transmission. Electirc is the first step but it is only a matter of time before shifting will happen completly automatically and in the background. At some point the all the sensors will start talking to the drive system and decide the optimal gearing based on a learning algorithm .  I’m sure there will be overdrive etc.

The time before this, I was about 3 pedal strokes from the very very top of my ride with a nice roller coaster 3 mile downhill. Riding with NO CHAIN is competely different from riding and not pedaling. I highly recommend people try it sometime and actually REMOVE your chain. It makes Aaron Gwin winning run even more remarkable.

Anyhow…new chain on…ready to go.