Reply To: No more REI or Dicks for me.


I am speaking from growing up around guns, being in the military where I was required to carry a gun to protect sensitive information and peoples lives, and now being a civilian and wanting to protect myself from the evils of this world:  I believe (and I think most gun owners would agree) that everyone (yes, you too) should be armed with their weapon of choice, as it reduces the possibility of becoming a victim.

The current law specifically prohibits a firearm on school grounds, and it also specifically prohibits murder… both of which are ignored by people intending harm on innocent children.  Since “gun control” on school grounds is proving to be more and more ineffective, why not actually allow firearms to be carried by school faculty?   Let’s take Utah, for example, which allows legal concealed carry on school campuses and even holds concealed carry classes on campus?  They all go through a much more throughout background check, they are trained on the proper handling of a weapon, and they are much more likely to stop an active shooter before they take innocent lives.

When I was on a nuclear submarine, we operated on a “mutually assured destruction” theory —> If you shoot me, I will shoot you back and neither of us win.  North Korea does not shoot on us because we also have a button to shoot back.   The same theory holds true for guns – an active shooter will not walk into a police station, because he knows he will be shot and killed before he can enter the door.  If active shooters know they will be shot and killed before they can make it into a classroom, there will be no more school shootings.  Period.

Back on topic, its pathetic of REI and Dicks to essentially accuse Vista Outdoor of supporting school shootings.  I won’t be setting foot in either of those stores again.