Reply To: Anyone buy a bike from Bikes Direct?


Very often you will find people saying that Bikes Direct (motobecane) are cheap because the cockpit and wheel components are “junk”.  BD lists all the component specifications. If the bike you are considering comes with Richie or WTB components then no worries; those are excellent brands that work well. I have over 100 rides and 1200+ miles on my Hal 6 Team 12, on lots of rocky single track, with zero failures. (I’m 200lbs, go fast and fly high off jumps) At BD I DO recommend spending (roughly) 800+ on road bikes, 1000+ on hardtail MTB and $1500+ on double squish MTB.  You end up with bikes costing half or less than the competition, with nothing but topline (or near) components and performance.  No matter how much you spend at BD, a comparison of components alwsys shows very significant savings over boutique brsnded bikes.