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For me it’s all about the articles.  I like the personal feel of the articles, where other sites feel much more commercialized and corporate.  This site is much more relatable.  As others have said, I like how everyone here seems to be congenial.  I’ll differ from the others, however, when it comes to the maps.  I’m a cheap-skate and have not shelled out the $25 per year to see the maps on this site.  I can see the trails that are in the database and can read the reviews and look at the pictures, but I don’t have access to the actual topo maps of each trail.  Honestly, I haven’t felt like I’ve been missing anything with other great resources freely available on the web, like mtbproject and trailforks.  Now granted, I’ve contributed a great deal to the mtbproject database, but I feel that its map is more complete at least in my area.