Reply To: Awkward Moment. What do you do?


If you’re at a stoplight next to a motorcyclist without a helmet, do you roll down your window and tell them to put a helmet on?

I mostly ski without a helmet, and I accept the risks I’m taking.  I’d be super pissed if someone got up in my grill about it.  You don’t  know anything about the helmetless person.  Perhaps they just found out that they have 2 weeks to live and just wanna ride without a helmet and enjoy some freedom from ‘common sense’ for a little while.  I’d feel like a total jerk if I said something.

Let it go… The more indignant we get about the little things, the lamer it is to be around each other.  Don’t sweat the small shit, and just judge the quality and choices of other peoples’ bikes instead 🙂