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Thanks for all of the responses on this as I really appreciate the feedback.

So when I wrote the original post. It was a pretty bad work day, hence the general tone. I was ready to quit by the end of that day.

I would love to be part of something I am passionate about, but I have given it thought since starting this particular forum thread.

I understand that every business and industry has its short comings and issues. Especially with office politics and working environments. I’m also looking into other opportunities, not just in the bike industry. I’m mostly after a place where I feel valued as a human being and a simple ‘thanks’ for a job well done or for staying late to get that last drawing to the shop floor. I don’t want to work for my current company anymore. The whole experience has been soured and doesn’t appear to have any chance of improvement. Bikes have always brought me happiness so I feel that’s where I want to be. It’s the perfect scenario in my head, but I have absolutely no clue if it’s something that I would enjoy. Again, it all depends on the office culture.

For me, I feel that the timing isn’t in my favor here. I realized now I should have been working in a bike shop when I was in school most likely. It’s all about building a network and being in with the crowd. Just like¬†any other industry, talent is only half the equation, it also comes down to who you know. A well established company isn’t going to take a risk on a designer when they don’t know how capable they are. People often find themselves at the bottom chain and slowly work their way up.

On the flip side here, I have come up with a way to get involved that doesn’t involve quitting your day job (even though I’m still looking for a good one). I’m finding out how to get involved with my local trail community for building and design here. It’s not going to pay the bills, but it certainly will help fulfill what I am most passionate about.