Reply To: Vehicle rooftop tents: Yeah! or Meh?


I’m going to totally out myself and propose another perspective at the same time.   I’m absolutely terrified of bears.  Yeah, I know the stats.  I know how not to attract them.  I know I’m more likely to get killed by a meth head with a gun than a bear who would rather just be left alone.  But man, at 1am, when I hear something rustling around outside the tent or near where I’m sleeping, I turn into an irrational gibbering idiot. (Same thing with Sharks, FWIW).

I think the rooftop tent is actually a pretty decent way to give yourself peace of mind (even though it actually makes almost no difference at all).

Again, I realize I’m wrong, but it would help me sleep, just being a few feet off the ground. Dumb, but true.

Now if they just made a shark tent.