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That was very insightful. Thank you, audacious. I think you’re right.

I guess I’m just looking for a bike that rides like my K2, but that doesn’t sound like a bike with modern geometry. Interestingly enough, this is similar to what the folks at REI just told me a few hours ago. They told me the reason I don’t like my Kato is because it’s a modern platform. I came in to have them adjust the suspension, they told me the sag is set correctly and based off my complaints, I simply need to ride the bike more. They emphasized that there is also a different technique involved in jumping a full suspension bike compared to a hardtail. They said something about preload, but I didn’t quite catch that.

Anyway, I just got back from my second ride on the bike, and I feel ever so slightly more confident on it – still not as confident on jumps as with my hardtail, though. It absolutely flies downhill and rails corners so much faster than my K2, though. Jumps are just kind of sketchy.

Now it’s just between the Kato and the Mission. For better or worse, I’ve already ordered the mission, as I was convinced I was going to return the Kato, but now I’m not so sure. Most reviews give the Kato a three-star rating, but it sounds like the mission is an entirely different platform altogether.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. Just out of curiosity, would the head angle of a Mission or a Kato be, generally speaking, better suited for jumps?

Other than that, it sounds like I’ll just need to ride both bikes and find what is the most comfortable for me.