Reply To: First endo wreck today


I’ve never ridden on a posted unidirectional trail, so I run into people coming the other way all the time.  I typically just pull over to the side of the trail, far enough to let the person by.  Most of the time, that’s just on the edge of the singletrack — sometimes it’s slightly off the trail.  If they look really noob, I’ll give them a little extra room.  That being said, like mongwolf said, all hikers get the right of way, and all uphill bikers get the right of way to bikes going downhill.   A lot of people currently disagree with that, because they’re too busy ‘shredding the gnar’ to slow down, but that’s the etiquette.

Oh, and double what mongwolf said… make it a nice exchange — goes a long way towards keeping our community radical.  I’d say about 1/50th of the people I greet are jerky, but the rest are really a pleasure to interact with, and help me think nice thoughts about humanity 🙂

Sorry about your wreck.  Maybe slow down a LOT on the trail before pulling off to the side?  Is your head okay?