Reply To: Specialized enduro comp vs yt industries Capra al comp


I was in the same boat about a year and a half ago and got the Specialized enduro comp. Have been super happy. It climbs good enough for long rides. It is not an xc bike, but I do ride it on my local xc trails and am happy enough, though it is way more sluggish than a proper short travel bike on such trails. It comes alive on the DH though. Feels great smashing through rocks and taking jumps. I think the compromise was worth it for me. Haven’t ridden the capra, but I expect it would be similar…though maybe not quite as good of a climber? The Jeffsy is pretty cool too.

I suggest renting one and trying it out on the type of trail that you want it to excel at, then maybe mess around on your xc trails and see if the overall performance tradeoff is acceptable.

If u are a student, spesh sometimes gives a slight discount…so make sure to ask about that!

have fun!