Reply To: Creaking… something….


I’d be down if I hadn’t had bad experiences with every single LBS in south Denver.  Any suggestions?

Elevations was pretty cool, but they charge an arm and a leg for every little thing, and they just sort of ‘forgot’ to do the thing I paid for a few times.  Oh, and they’re booked out like 3 months for tune-ups.   Bicycle Village are pretty nice, and reasonable, but mostly work on lower end bikes and hit or miss depending on who’s working.  Also booked out like 3 months.

I was considering the Giant Store (Aspen grove) or Alpha Cycle, but know nothing about their quality and/or prices + schedules.

I love Salvagetti’s but I haven’t been to their new store and they’re pretty far way.

In short, my experiences with LBSs in Colorado is what drove me to buy tools and start doing most of the work myself.  Just never chased down a creak before, so I was looking for some advice.  That being said, if you have some suggestions for a non-smarmy, reasonably-priced (i.e. $50 for a light tune would be fantastic!), LBS who’s capable of doing the work right and not going to scoff at my choice of bike, I’m totally listening.  🙂