Reply To: Creaking… something….


These are all great tips — thank you!

I purchased it off of eBay (I know — risky proposition) because the prices was easily $1000 cheaper than anywhere else I could find it, and I am decent at doing most maintenance (except for headsets, for some reason — they freak me out).

It came brand new in box, and didn’t creak at all for the first month or so, then I banged it around a bit on some local singletracks and it started creaking.  I’ll definitely check the seat post / test that it only creaks when I’m seated.  I was so obsessed with the headseat that I hadn’t thought of that, so thanks!

Last, I’m going to buy a better adjustable torque wrench and go through and methodically check the torques on things.  Anyone have any suggestions on brand? I have 2 socket torques, but they’re a bit unweildy and I’m skeptical about their accuracy with all the adapters and such.

Thanks again.  You guys are a great help.