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I thrive on music, love it.  Been one of the few constants in my life for 45 years. My first concert: Ozzy with Randy Rhodes and Motorhead. Second concert: Van Halen…..and on and on………but having to ride with a bluetooth speaker……..yuk……I despise seeing other people when I ride much less hear them.  Part of riding is getting away from anything electronic.  I think when I was 16 we snuck a boom box in our golf bag a couple of times and a couple beers, but now-days, getting away from anything that uses electricity or batteries or  feeds me sound or text, is cherished!    I can’t imagine looking at the junipers, ponderosas, and red rocks and enjoying the vistas for a quick break in riding, only to hear in the distance the faint sounds of “enter sandman” or “baby got back” trailing off with or even worse, increasing in volume and coming my way….lol.