Reply To: Windsor Trail FS 27 COMP question


Honestly, I would really recommend going with a different bike. That bike’s rear suspension set up is likely going to feel pretty awful. It will not be up to par with today’s frames, and will probably not pedal well at all. Even if the other components are pretty good for the price, I would recommend going for a hardtail at that price point. Bikes Direct’s bikes are pretty notorious for basically being a frame from the 90s or early 00s just with newer components. Their suspension designs are ancient, as well as their geometry. One of the things that makes newer mountain bikes ride so well is their geometry which has been refined over decades.

I would recommend looking around for a decent deal on a more modern hardtail at that price point. You will have a hard time finding a full suspension bike that will perform well for that price, even if you are looking at used bikes. It’s also worth looking for a bike with an air fork. There is a pretty major performance increase between the cheap coil forks and cheap air forks.

Check out sites like jenson usa, chain reactions cycles, and also your local craigslist before going for an old design from bikes direct.