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That is a pretty good choice really for that price range. Probably has a dropper post, good geo, tires, travel, etc….Giant puts out some value in their offerings, they are truly “giant” sized company, and probably get good components for next to nothing from sram and shimano and wtb…etc…   There are definitely other choices I imagine,  the Rocky Mountain Alloy Altitude 30 is around 2800,  if you are focused on 27.5 wheel size.   You can piece together  or buy used to get most for money, but free tune ups and trusted bike mechanics can be of great value though by buying from local dealer.  Trek Slash 7 is on sale, Kona Process 134, Kona Precept 150, Norco Fluid 7.2, …………………and on and on……the precept is like 2200.  See what brands are offered in the shops, find their 27.5 size trail bike models in that range on the websites then research. Personally Kona’s have been comfortable in their setup, but you should get on a few bikes and see. For me comfort is a big factor. I’m old ish and beaten up.