Reply To: Hills or miles


How about a little of both?

If you’re riding nearly every other day, you’ll want a variety of workouts to avoid overdoing it. A simple plan would be to do a long ride every other time, and do a speed or hill repeat workout the other times. Also, I’m a big proponent of running as a way to build fitness and strength, but I realize not everyone can do this.

I’m gonna totally butcher trying to quote you.  I can’t figure out how to reply with quotes on this forum.

I’m glad you mention running, since I need to work on it.  One of my main issues over the winter was plantar Fasciitis and I am now just able to run a mile or so with no pain.  My last workout I rode 2 mi warmup on road bike then 1 mi run then 6 mile back on bike finished up with a few 80-100 ft climbs on a hill near my house.  The following day I rode MB about 7 miles on local trails which was a mistake cuz legs were kinda tired, but the weather broke and I haven’t been on the trails, I was itchin to get out.

sooo, I am okay with mixing in running I just have to adhere to the 10% a week thing.  I can probably push up to 2 miles a bit quicker but after that I need to watch it.