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I wash my bike, clean the chain, isopropyl clean front and rear shocks, seat tube  and rotors after every ride, basically every moving part. It has become a zen thing and the way I wind down after a ride. It is the way I can check every part  looking for anything that might be amiss. I fix any item that seems even the slightest out of place…I also re-center front and rear brakes . I have built an area outside my lab just for cleaning and maintaining bikes including a hot water hose. Hot water makes what can be an unpleasant job into a relaxing one. This is doubly  true during the fall and winter. After the bike is cleaned and tuned I re-lube the chain and wipe the bike down with Maxima SC1 High Gloss Coating. The bike is back to silently perfect and looks sharp. I probably spend 45 minutes after every ride maintaining the herd. I am hard on my gear but it is all well taken care of and lasts a long time. From an engineering perspective the bike has always been a technical wonder and the modern mountain bike is no exception. Think about the tolerances in the pivot points alone… is just incredible. I admit it, I absolutely love taking care of my bikes. They are engineered works of art. Guilty as charged.