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There are many ways to answer this Q, including some of the aforementioned. Hydration, pre/intra/post, are all key. Existing fitness, climate, bike setup/fit are all other key items that come to mind. As we all known hot/humid conditions increase sweating (increase salt loss -> potassium follows), hence, increased likelihood of cramping at the muscular level. I do quite a bit of endurance road bike racing and mountain bike racing, >100 miles on road bike and > 50 miles on mtb is what I consider endurance racing for this conversation. I personally use a combination of tailwind powder and salt sherpa in my water bottles. The combination of both of these provides adequate sodium and potassium repletion, in addition to other mineral/electrolytes/glucose. Taking all these things into consideration and applying the tailwind and the salt sherpa, adequate training to increase exercise tolerance specific to the efforts that bring on the cramping is very important. If climbing a certain section/grade brings on cramping, replicate that in your training on the trainer or do specific hill sprints. I hope this helps and I thoroughly enjoy reading the threads you guys start. Links to both can be found below, and I have no financial ties to either: