Reply To: New Guy on the Internet Block


Thanks for the feedback guys! I am surely not going to ignore or take too personally a negative comment. As Alvin said I recognize my first view videos are not going to be amazing by any means. I just recognize I must start somewhere and most of that initial feedback will probably be negative its just part of the job description. The videos will improve as I learn how to shoot something people want to see, but mainly as I develop the identity I want for the channel. I am doing this and making this channel because I want to, not because I want to prove something or have a chip on my shoulder, so I have nothing to lose and plenty of wisdom to gain from those who hate the youtube mountain biker. In fact i just read the thread on the rise of the youtube celebrity and that was a really informing post that was surely not friendly to someone just starting to do this. I hope someday I find away to at least mitigate those feelings from those people and give them a reason to say “ok ok, so singletrack cinema isn’t THAT bad, but its not great!” . Honestly, I am just happy to be a part of this community and I feel good about creating another place people can meet and share good stories. I mean come on whose ever come across a mountain biker that doesn’t have a good story or two right?