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Ignore that negative post.  That is the kind of attitude that baffles me in mtb, marvinmartian that is…  I had a racing background as a kid and got back into biking for basically knee rehab reasons 7 years ago or so and even in that short period have seen dumb sort of cliquish culture in mtb.  That post typifies a combination of growth in mtb combined with immature folks with keyboards and postings.  Sure there are lots of trolls and such, but some folks have no restraint…..anyway, one more point on this, it sort of also typifies the many different people that are making up mtb now.  Kids, adults, retired boomers, huckers, cruisers, explorers, eco freaks, opposite of eco freaks, hikers, new folks, veteran folks, rich, poor, in between, the bored retired folks that love rules to death-think HOA extremist, folks that ignore all rules altogether, etc…….tough mix of different sides, I ride to get away from exactly what I described above,  exercise , explore, and have fun.  Simple. I do agree that there is a truck load of content out there and a lacking of content for beginners and newbies or people just enjoying the ride.  Maybe it will balance out.