Reply To: What's your favorite MTB trail in Pennsylvania?


You need to get yourself out east to the good side of the state!! North Park is a trail system that is very well built and extremely fun to ride. it has plenty of every bit of riding you’d want from fast and flowy to pump tracks. the crazy part is that its almost right smack dab in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh.


Another GREAT place to ride is Moraine State Park. I hear it compared to Allegrippis a lot, though I haven’t ridden Allegrippis to speak from personal experience. For a technical challenge and a really fun ride i have to give a shoutout to the trail system at Roaring Run. Great trails with a really strong group of volunteers maintaining them. It isn’t the most expansive trail system in the world but every bit of it is very enjoyable.


for the after work rider i have to second EricJB9. Boyce is just plain old fashioned MTB fun.