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I buy everything I possibly can online.  Some examples are toothpaste, car stereos, bath soap, dog food, music, smartphones, clothes, and even bikes.  The stuff shows up on my doorstep a couple days after I pay via PayPal.  I have returned many items that were not exactly what I expected, but it’s no different than returning things to Walmart or a bike shop (except no wasted time driving across town).  If my LBS had a strong online presence at competitive pricing, I would buy all my bike related stuff from them.  My last bike purchase was a Borealis fatbike I found on Facebook.  The rear wheel dropouts had an issue that the seller didn’t disclose in the ad.  I emailed Borealis and they sent me a new frame with the upgraded thru-axle.  Kudos to Borealis for customer service!  I have no worries about online shopping.  Mistakes have always been fixed whether they were mine or the seller’s.  I’m sure some folks reading this forum have had online transactions go bad, but my experiences have been great.