Reply To: MTB gps unit vs. smart phone gps app?


I recently got the Garmin Edge 25 because I was sick of killing my phone battery and data. I use my GPS as a set it and forget it, so the simpler the better IMO. I don’t find the need to be able to link to maps, or do real-time strava segments so the Edge works great for me.

Jeff, maybe you know the answer to this question. I haven’t seen any differences in uploading mileage, but my elevation is always out of wack. I’ll finish a ride and my GPS will say I’ve climbed lets say 1,300′. I upload to the Garmin Connect app and the elevation will drop to like 1,13o’, and then when I upload to Strava it will be 1,215′. These aren’t exact numbers, but hopefully you get the idea. I don’t think you would have run across this in your GPS tests as the track shouldn’t have had any elevation change. Have you experienced or heard of this happening before?