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I put a 26t (I do a lot of ascending and I’m not an endurance athlete) blackspire on my 2016 Fuse with the same stout crankset.  In short, it was an ordeal and I no longer have those cranks on the bike.

The problem I had was that the stout crank on the fuse has an oddball 76mm BCD and no removable spider.  This led to me getting the blackspire–it was affordable and one of the few rings in 26t and 76mm BCD.  The problem arose because the blackspire is designed to use the same bolts as the SRAM XX1 cranks that use that BCD.  These are proprietary 8.5mm diameter bolts and are different than the standard 8mm bolt/nut combo that came on the Fuse.  So I ordered those bolts, only to find that they are too long to fit through the fat spider on the stout crank.  There was no way to fit this chainring to the stock crank.  I ended up buying a used Gx crank and an XX1 spider to fit it.