Reply To: New fork for my Rockhopper


I absolutely despise when someone says “sell it and but a better bike” !! Really? like everyone has the disposable income to run to the LBS and drop 5k on a “Better Rig”….. screw that!! the Rockhopper has been around for a zillion years and is staple in the MTB world. The frickin’ Industry has everyone “Brainwashed” that they need the next best bike. Personally I’d keep the Rockhopper and upgrade it like you want, it’s your cash and your bike.

I personally been riding Hardrocks since maybe ’89, when I was 1st introduced to the magical “mountainbike”  I have thrown filthy money at em’ all and besides being called crazy, I hoon the local trails with the best of em’. Whatever happened to the plain simplicity & innocence of just riding a bicycle? Do what you want to your bicycle man, it has been my experience over the years, it’s always the kid on the “junker” that will destroy your hopes and dreams with a song in his heart & a big friggin’ smile on his face.