Reply To: Do you have insurance for your mountain bike?


Most home owners insurance in Canada or the USA only will cover $1000-3000 and you can find it in the policy wordings under sub- limits of insurance. There are a few company’s who whoever don’t list any sublimit and under a comprehensive policy if it’s not excluded or listed as a sublimit then it’s included in your contents limit. In Canada travelers, portage la prairie, and Chubb are companies I know of that don’t charge extra. This will be your most economical way of insuring it. Wear or tear is never covered however if you drive it into your garage it could be.  If you ask your broker he should be able to guide you. Paying to schedule it the same as jewelry is the most expensive option.
<p style=”text-align: left;”>I have also worked with some bike clubs who offer protection for breakage on the trail however the cost doesn’t seem worth it. I was an insurance broker in Canada for 3 years and tried to insure all my cycling friends.</p>