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Cannondale RZ 120, I loved this bike initially. When it was working I loved it. But soon after buying this bike the the bearings in the rear suspension wore out, not just wore out they were destroyed, the bearings fit into the link which was slightly larger than the bearing, they were not press fit, the bearing were glued with locktight into position. This resulted in me having to replace the beatings about every 400 miles or so. About once a month. The shop I bought the bike at was very helpful, first we got cannondale to give a new rear triangle and all new swing link hardware, nope still burned through a set of bearings about once a month, usually the non drive side would fail first, this led us therorize maybe the frame was slightly twisted or WELL we were grasping at straws So cannondale sent a new frame, Nope no help, still replacing bearings about once a month. At this time I think the shop was sick of me, the lead mechanic told me I just ride to much and should expect things to wear out.

I finally resolved the situation by writing a letter to the CEO of the cycling sports group of North America a subsidiary of Dorel industries, they own Cannondale, GT and some other brands. I asked for my money back. Of course they didn’t give me money back, BUT they offered me any other bike they make at cost. So I upgraded to the New at that time scalpel 29er. Best bike I’ve ever owned and the bearings never wore out once in 4 years of heavy use, I eventually cracked the frame, Cannondale replaced it, in still loving that bike today.