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Now with all of the choices of mountain bikes, I love this question.  In fact, we were just having this discussion during a recent group ride.  To think of all of the options: 27.5, 29er, fat bike, full suspension trail bike, hardtail xc bike…and on and on.  What started most of us was a rigid steel bike!  My first bike was a 1994 Giant Iguana.  I paid $400 for it from a bike shop in Northern Virginia.  The bike was totally rigid with a steel frame…the thing was a tank!  I still have it today as I just can’t part with it.  I did some minor upgrades like brakes and levers, handlebars, and saddle, but kept it rigid.  Although I loved this bike and rode plenty of miles on it, I purchased my next bike in 1998, a Specialized StumpJumper Comp.  I rode this bike until recently when I finally upgraded to a full suspension Specialized Camber 29.

Thanks for posing the question.  Ride on!