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I’ve bought two sets of rims from them and highly recommend them.  I did the builds myself so I can’t vouch for their pre-built wheels.  the first pair 3 years ago.  good quality, had a couple blemishes but structurally sound.  they eventually gave up after a beating that would have trashed any rim.  the second set is really top quality.  they’ve come a long way in 3 years.  beautifully built, modern dimensions and they’ve proven so far to be strong.  I put a ding in the sidewall and a few scratches but nothing that’ll cause any trouble.  they have a much better warranty and crash replacement policy now.  the shipping and paypal fees are a bit of a bummer, but for just over $400 you get a pair of carbon rims that rival most.  if you have the inclination to do the build yourself I’d go that route.   as for carbon rims in general, you will notice the weight and stiffness.  its not hype.  fantastic upgrade.