Reply To: A suggestion for coexisting with E-bikes: cheap, simple traction control


Ascending and spinning is where trails get truly dug up.   On a bicycle, with no motor, you just end up walking/pushing.  With even a little bit of additional power, everything changes and the trails change quickly with it.  Not to mention that the addition of power to riding opens up a greater population of people who want to use the same trails, and more often.

And power-assist summed with lack of riding skill is very different than skill added to gravity.  Anyone who can descend, and move dirt doing it, will quickly find themselves moving dirt everywhere else when they have even a little bit of power asist at their disposal.

I think the responses here speak to prove my point:  very few of us see what’s most likely  coming as e-bikes evolve and gain strength in numbers and enthusiasts, and in reliability and power and range and utility.