Reply To: Is This a Good Beginner Mtb?


Thanks for all the replys guys! I’ll definitely take into consideration what you all have said. To answer fitchs’ questions, I am going to be attending ETSU this August as a freshman and am just looking for a bike to last this summer until I get enough money for a quality one. My budget is 150-200$ FOR NOW so I can just get my feet wet in the sport. I live in Tennessee and am very athletic. 6’0, 145 pounds and I love pushing myself and trying new things. I’ve tried mountain biking last year with a bike I had had since I was 13-14 and LOVED IT. but my bike broke on the last hill 🙁 (bike was from Walmart). So I’m looking at this bike to commute/mountain bike up in Johnson City until I get enough money.


Thanks for the quick replies and have a great rest of your guys day!